Текст песни «Clownhouse» — D.I.

Текст песни «Clownhouse» из альбома 1994 года «State Of Shock» D.I..


Livin' in this modern world everything goes to hell
Rioting in the streets, I’m livin' by my law
Running an endless race to society’s constant struggle
Rip it up, tear it down, forget toilet trouble
Why am I losing sleep so many problems need solved
Fighting an endless battle on and on and on Sometimes I really think that maybe I should do the same
I just can’t seem to get it right time and time again
I’ve got the key to the clownhouse, it’s mine and mine alone
I’ll open the door and jump right in when I feel alone
Life is just a freak show and how much can one take?
Welcome to the center ring a world of fucking snakes
The sick, the homeless, no set guarantees
Starving in the cold in the streets a part of you and me Challenge time, break the ice, give this world a song
Hold the key in the palm of your hand and still we break the law
The story of a man who lives in a cardboard box
He’s tangles and he’s webbed all up where do I get off?
Livin' on travsted hope he’s caught himself depression
Use the power of the human mind to destroy all your pressure
Society’s clownhouse and everyone’s a freak
Just paint a smile on the poeple’s face you won’t even see their frown
Life is just a circus and now it’s your turn to play
It’s an artificial world you’re livin' in today
An old lady was hit by a car another hit and run
Used to live in a trash can amongst the whining scum
The world to her was just as black as night
Now she lies dead in the street with a pie in her face

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