Текст песни «Better Than Expected» — D.I.

Текст песни «Better Than Expected» из альбома 1994 года «State Of Shock» D.I..

Better Than Expected

It was a hot summer night
Their eyes met
The moon was full
He whispered in her ear
She blushed
And then Ted pulled out the knife
Tracy was a girl she’s just like any other girl
Life was such a drag and she had all the candles burning
Friends of hers would say she was the model of complexion
By making her connection, put her in high places
She had a picture inside of her mind
Runnin' from herself how many more times
For her it must be tough to make a decision
She was brand new she didn’t know what to do Comin' home from work she made a left and went out drinkin'
Thinkin' there was nothin' in a harmless conversation
Teddy was a friend they went to high school perfect strangers
She didn’t see the danger in the wheels he was spinnin'
Teddy had a picture in front of his mind
If he had his way it’ll be her last time
Time after time had to make a decision
She was brand new, she didn’t have a clue
She had to have her way
She had to cross the line
She went a bit too far
She was brand new, she didn’t have a clue
Windin' up dead, that’s hangin' out with Ted
Teddy had a pretty face that everbody in the place knew he was an animal
But only she could reach him
They found her not too far from there dead in raised up underware
Goin' out with Teddy was better than expected
She had a … in front of her mind
Runnin' from herself for the last time
Little girl who made the wrong decision
She had to have her way, what a price to pay

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