Текст песни «We All Fall Down (Live)» — D-A-D

Текст песни «We All Fall Down (Live)» из альбома 2011 года «Dic.nii.lan.daft.erd.ark» D-A-D.

We All Fall Down

All three wishes used
And the world is not amused
The door to your heart’s still shut
A truckfull of flowers ain’t love
Sorry’s not enough
A brand new broken heart
Needs breaking in Needs breaking in to start
To see it a whole new way
I wish you could hear what I say
Yeah we all fall down
All fall down
We all fall down
I just couldn’t turn myself around
And we’re digging up the past
Your own karma bites your ass
Like the invisible man in the rain
Your covers blown my friend
We’re slipping once again
But in the midnight of everything
You turn yourself
And wonder where you’ve been
For all the truth in the world
I couldn’t see it I just observed
Yeah we all fall down
All fall down
We all fall down
We can’t turn ourselves around
I’ll always wonder how
What’s lost, can be found
Are you there if I dare turn around?
I’m there if you dare turn around
In the midnight of everything
We’ll be slipping again
We’ll be slipping again

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