Текст песни «Nineteenhundredandyesterday» — D-A-D

Текст песни «Nineteenhundredandyesterday» из альбома 2014 года «30 Years 30 Hits - Best of D-A-D 1984-2014» D-A-D.


I let a lie come true
I even cared enough to lie
Recieve what I transmit
And slowly close your eyes
Yeah, to unlock your locked up love
And set it free
You need a complicated key
You need a key as big as me.
You were almost on my mind
Yeah, and though I’m doing just fine
I’ve hurt myself in many ways
Back in nineteenhundredandyesterday
Yeah, I think of you every time
Every time I leave it behind —
Back in nineteenhundredandyesterday
And when I lie in bed
And I’m going through the day
What’s been done and said
It slips into my head
You open up one door
And then you’re faced with many more
Yeah, I know all of them well
I keep my questions to myself
You were almost on my mind …
Hey, I thought I wanted it I thought I needed it To unlock your locked up love
You left the key and then you walked off
You were almost on my mind …

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