Текст песни «I Won´t Cut My Hair» — D-A-D

Текст песни «I Won´t Cut My Hair» из альбома 2014 года «30 Years 30 Hits - Best of D-A-D 1984-2014» D-A-D.

I Won´t Cut My Hair

I got hair in my ears
I got hair in my nose
I got hair on my back
And between my toes
When the time comes & my hairwash is due
I’m gonna use one ton of shampoo
But don’t give me those sentimental eyes
Coz I’m proud & my hair is nice
It’s not fair when people they stare
I love the colors I wear
I wont cut my hair
I wont cut my hair
Oh no, I wont cut my hair
Coz I’m proud of my hair
And like in the funny fairytale
I dry my hair the Rapunzel way
U just climb up the six floors
To my hairy home
& I fix u a smoke in the blend of my own
Yeah, I’ll make u a hot pot of tea
Take off your clothes feel free
And get down in my hair
And make me insane
Lets get airborne on window pain
It’s not fair…
I would die without my hair
Yeah right, I’m playin' in the band
And I would love to be your private Disneyland
I’ll be your own amusement park
Then you can ride me And ride me after dark
If they send me to the rows of death
For having illegal dope
I will order as my last meal
Before’s the chair
Hamburger french fries n coke
Take those scissors away
I wont cut my hair
'Cause I’m proud and my hair is nice
I love my hair
I’m in love with my hair
I’m in love with my haaaaiiiir

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