Текст песни «Everything Glows» — D-A-D

Текст песни «Everything Glows» из альбома 2014 года «30 Years 30 Hits - Best of D-A-D 1984-2014» D-A-D.

Everything Glows

I keep moving into myself
I keep all my hate to myself
I keep the polaroids of my hell
I keep all my hope to myself
Days when life does man a favor
Days when everything glows
Days when luck is handed over
Still my eyes are closed
Days when life just grabs your shoulder
Days when everything flow
Luck has found its rightful owner
Still my eyes are closed.
I know that your eyes are on fire
I know that your ears are on me And because my thinking is quiet
I’m the calm and deep blue sea
Days when life does man a favor…
Days when life just grabs your shoulder…

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