Текст песни «Candid (2009 - Remaster;)» — D-A-D

Текст песни «Candid (2009 - Remaster;)» из альбома 1995 года «Helpyourselfish» D-A-D.


This is the lazy quiz
And you got all the time there is We’ll spend some time on greed’n’wealth
And then some on mental-health…
No need to sweat or bite your lips.
No grand prize, cars or trips
It’s knowin when to quit…
If it wasn’t for me and the likes of me And what I choose to do.
If you could tell, I’d like to know
Why you’ve become:
So candid unreserved’n’true
I’d rather you were I, than I were you
As if you held the truth
Sometimes honesty
Will kill the fool
Now, my word no one relies on Never said a foolish thing.
Then again… never said a wise one
It’s never what you think — it’s knowing when to quit

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