Текст песни «The Morning After» — City To City

Текст песни «The Morning After» из альбома 2005 года «The Road Ahead» City To City.

The Morning After

I can’t say if this is a new start
'Cause maybe this one night will be just enough
How can I know
Let’s enjoy these hours of passion
And let’s not try to figure out if it’s love
Tomorrow will show
Loneliness is what I feel
But I’ll tell you the morning after
There is still a wound to heal
But I’ll tell you the morning after
I don’t know if I will stay
But I’ll tell you the morning after
If it’s real or just a play
I will tell you the morning after
I would like to hold you forever
But don’t ask me to give you a guarantee
No rules for this game
Let’s just hope the lovelight will strike us And that nothing ever comes in between
Let’s lighten the flame
You taste like the sweetest wine
Your gentle body is divine
Let’s not try to think tonight
And make love turn on your light

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