Текст песни «Paradise» — City To City

Текст песни «Paradise» из альбома 2005 года «The Road Ahead» City To City.


If one day you’d look at me
I’m sure that you would see
Never ending love in my eyes
Stronger than fire, stronger than desire
I want you near me You make me long for paradise
My love for you just made me realise
That all I ever needed is you beside me In one everlasting love affair
We, we never spoke a word
Our voices stayed unheard
Come and feel the beat of my heart
Faster than light, feel the love inside
'Cause I want you near me Oh dear, I want your body next to mine
Tender and soft, together
We’ll be one give me a sign
I want you now
Please let me through your door
Open your heart for me Give what you never gave before
Love, I’m sure there is a land
Where I can take your hand
We will disappear in the wind
No one around, nowhere to be found
Always together

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