Текст песни «Into The Now» — City To City

Текст песни «Into The Now» из альбома 2005 года «The Road Ahead» City To City.

Into The Now

I believe the time is here and now
I wanna live life as real as I can
No guarantees to make it feel better
Life would be boring living forever
Holding on to you, sharing this love
I wanna have you as long as I can
No worldly ties lasting forever
Shooting through space
Leaving the never
Into the now at the speed of sound
Don’t stop me now
'Cause nothing’s forever, unless we’re together
I honestly don’t know how
My life could be better unless we’re together
Seeing through these eyes is like a good movie
You’ve gotta watch so you don’t miss a thing
But I’m changing the story over and over
'Cause it would be boring to watch it forever

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