Текст песни «Cleanse» — Burn

Текст песни «Cleanse» из альбома 2001 года «Cleanse» Burn.


This is why you curse the sky above as above so below it’s no surprise you
never learned how to float
Don’t need any answeres yes. What you know now you will soon forget.
I’ve tried my whole life my stubborn mind overthinks
Cannibalize these wrong thoughts or i’ll use them as a resource
Cleanse my mind cleanse my minds eye
In search of the time when everything will release from tension while my eyes
spy on those living in ascension
So out of reach I’m stretching. Will I turn to dust before I learn this lesson?
Call me a fool for still waiting hoping with the patient saints.
No expectations without vacation.
Too smart for my own good a page from the wrong book if I bothered to look if everything is meant to be tie my hands and set me free set me free!

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