Текст песни «Mississippi Heavy Water Blues» — Blues

Текст песни «Mississippi Heavy Water Blues» из альбома 2011 года «200 Blues Classics» Blues.

Mississippi Heavy Water Blues

I was walking down the levee with my head hanging low,
Looking for my sweet mama but she ain’t here no more
That’s why I’m crying Mississippi heavy water blues
(repeats after each verse)
Lord lord lord I’m so blue my house got washed away
And I’m crying how long, till another payday
I’m sitting here looking at all of this mud
And my gal got washed away in that Mississippi flood
I hope she comes back some day kind and and true
Can’t no one satisfy her like her sweet papa do I think I heard a moan on that Arkansas side
Crying how long before sweet mama 'rrive
I’m in Mississippi with mud all in my shoes
My gal in Louisiana with those high water blues
Lord send me a sweet mama
Got plenty muddy water, don’t need no wood or coal
All I need’s some sweet mama, send (ship?) me jelly
Nothin' but muddy water far as I could see
I need some sweet mama come shake that thing with me Listen here you men one more thing I’d like to say
Ain’t no womens out here for they all got washed away
Lord lord lord, Mississippi shaking, Louisiana sinking
The whole town’s ringing, Robert Hicks is singing

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