Текст песни «Made For Loving You» — Blue

Текст песни «Made For Loving You» из альбома 2006 года «The Platinum Collection» Blue.

Made For Loving You

I told you once, i told you twice
that boy you been with is not being right
i see the tears you try to hide
that boy you’ve been with is way out of line
Bridge 1
i’ve been there through sun and rain
i’ve been there to ease the pain
gotta learn how to break the chain
Girl if i give you my world would you be my girl
what would it take i’ll wait forever somethings are meant to be you and me and if you take a piece of my heart, a touch of your soul
look what we’ve got, we fit together
i know this much is true i was made for loving you
just ask your friends i’ve seen him out
that boy you’ve been with is playing around
i’m here because confirm your doubts
that boy you’ve been with to me in doubt
Bridge 2
i’ll be there though times have changed
i’ll be there i’ll be the same
till you learn how to break the chains
you make it you take it it’s clear to me there is something between us mistake it my hearts breaking
i’m begging you please
Bridge 1
Chorus repeat till fade

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