Текст песни «I Wanna Know» — Blue

Текст песни «I Wanna Know» из альбома 2003 года «Guilty» Blue.

I Wanna Know

Get to the floor
Just Dance
First grab a lady, know what I’m saying
Trust me Shaped like an hourglass, hello
What’s your name and number let me know (c'mon)
You’re the baddest thing for sure (yeah, yeah)
Shorty we should do it all tonight (that's right)
No disrespect to you lady (no, no)
But your walkie talk is like crazy
You should take the time to get to know me (what, what)
Like I said lets do it all tonight
So if you’re feeling me Come put your hands on me (put your hands on me girl)
And we can do this all night
I want you to leave with me tonight
Wanna know what’s going through your mind
Is it that you want me by your side?
Is it that you know I’ll treat you right
I wanna know if you see us holding hands
I wanna know if you see me as your man
I wanna know everything that’s on your mind
Cause you’re the baddest thing here tonight (trust me)
Got a little dough I’ve been saving,
On you I’m thinking about spending
Here to the mall, walk till you fall
Shorty we should do it all tonight
Got plans to make you my lady (lady)
Anything you want from me tell me (tell me)
Just watch me work it baby
Like I said lets do it all tonight (let's do it, c’mon c’mon)
So if you’re feeling me Come put your hands on me And we can do this all night (all night)
Can’t you see? (can't you see)
Baby you and me Living life together as one endlessly (endlessly)
Cause my hopes and dreams
Are so vividly colourful
Of painted pictures of us in love
Get to the floor (c'mon y’all)
Get To The floor (yeah, yeah)
Get to the floor (c'mon y’all))
Get to the floor (just dance)
Get to the floor (c'mon c’mon)
You’re the baddest thing up in here tonight (tonight)
Get to the floor
Baby girl you’re looking outta sight
Get to the floor
Just dance

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