Текст песни «I Remember You» — Blood

Текст песни «I Remember You» из альбома 2008 года «Vengeance for Blood Integral Editon» Blood.

I Remember You

I always look at your eyes, no one can tear apart
I found you in my darkest time, you are everything to me On the hill I took your hand, look at sunset together
I never want to think of the end of our love
So many times I call you from my room, your gone
The lasting rain still beats me hard, so my voices are deaden
On the hill without you, I can’t feel the wind of that time
I want to forget you, but I can’t take a step forward
I’m too scared since I lost to all of you
Now the future’s out of my site
Though they tell me again and again that I am not to blame
(I remember you)
If I met you somewhere once again
Could I tell you all of my eternal love
Can’t you hear me screaming to the sky
Now I been mistreated
(I remember you)
From the chink in the cloud, the light shines
But it can’t reach for me Through the night I miss you, in the end I lost myself
However looking for, but you never return

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