Текст песни «Tear Out My Eyes» — Blood for Blood

Текст песни «Tear Out My Eyes» из альбома 2002 года «Outlaw Anthems» Blood for Blood.

Tear Out My Eyes

My mask of sanity is slipping away
and I don’t know if I can last much longer. help me Human faces grow so twisted and farther away,
thought I could take it but the hate grows stronger. help me Oh God help me 'cause I don’t want to see
another image of that beast humanity. save me Oh God save me, this hatred is killing me.
No one can save me 'cause I once was blind but now I see the way…
One day I’m gonna rip my eyes out of my head
And never gaze upon your twisted world again.
I’m gonna tear out my eyes
And maybe find some peace of mind inside.
My mask of sanity has broken away and I don’t want to last much longer.

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