Текст песни «Live the Lie» — Blood for Blood

Текст песни «Live the Lie» из альбома 2004 года «Serenity» Blood for Blood.

Live the Lie

None of you cowards has a thing to say
Another song about
«The Edge», «The Crew»
or your precious salad days
The world’s aflame
and still you play your games
But you hair looks great
and your dound is so stridently tame.
Once upon a time
i searched for something pure
In a world of shit,
I thought I found some hope;
A place to speak some truth
A place to share some pain;
A place to rage against a world that is cleary insane. Ha, ha !
What a sucker, I believed in the lie.
Another boring fad,
another tired joke.
Our legacy is trend cause entertainment
and fashion here reigns
One more American game for all the
over privilieged kids to play.
Get up, stand up!
We should be so much more.
Get up, stand up!
This could be something pure.
Get up, stand up!
There’s GOTTA be something more!
It’s time to stand
for something so much more.

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