Текст песни «I Am The Enemy» — Blood for Blood

Текст песни «I Am The Enemy» из альбома 1998 года «Revenge On Society» Blood for Blood.

I Am The Enemy

I lose again and again
My life is a hole filled with dark misery
The pain never ends, it just builds up inside
Like a ticking time bomb I'll explode in due time
I couldn't give a fuck about you
Your beliefs and what you hold true means shit!
When your life is nothing, living is the same as dying
Simply put my life is hell
No matter what you try, no matter what you do You'll always end up alone, when your life is through
Should be no surprise when you're an outcast in life
My human compassion is gone, my human qualities are long gone
And the hate and the rage and the pain
and the strain of live have left me completely insane
I was born into nothing to this world full of shit
and nothing's changing anytime soon
So I would rather die than listen to you try to compare me to you
Desperate, I never had a future, I never had a way out
Hunted, they hold me down, they locked me out
Hopeless, I am the enemy of all you hold dear
Enemy, I am the end, the evil in this world of fear
I was promised that things'll look up They lied!
I've lost all sense of love and pride
I'll die, a lonely angry bitter mess
Revenge is the only thing and nothing less
I want to laugh in your face before your last breath
My revenge will befall on all before my own death
I was born into nothing to this world full of shit
and nothing's changing anytime soon
So I'll spit my last breath in your face and shriek to the sky
Fuck you!
Life slips through my fingertips
I rot away body and soul
(I shut my eyes) I close my mind until the day I die
I don't try to pretend
I'm not a disgrace, I know what I am
(I shut my eyes) I close my mind until the end of time
Inside it burns, it twists and turns
I tried to love but I'll never learn
(I shut my eyes) I close my mind, until the day I die
I have no soul left
I'm the walking dead
I rot away
(I close these eyes) I close my mind, until the end of time

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