Текст песни «Should I» — Bang

Текст песни «Should I» из альбома 2000 года «RTZ - Return To ZerO» Bang.

Should I

All around me, falling all around me Trying to sound me, Should I let you in?
It hounds me, trying to see me Finally found me, it’s cold where I’ve been
Should I let you in?
Fire melts the ice, we carry in our hearts
Good advice—that's a start!
Says it knows me, takes the time to show me High and lows me, Should I let you in?
It’s cold… cold where I’ve been
It’s cold… cold, cold where I’ve been
It’s cold… And cold is a sin!
Fire melts the ice we carry in our hearts
Good advice! that’s a start
Good Advice! that’s a start!

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