Текст песни «RTZ» — Bang

Текст песни «RTZ» из альбома 2000 года «RTZ - Return To ZerO» Bang.


Motion is needed
Push at my back
Look what we’re doing
What do we lack?
If by touching, we all can agree
Nothing can stop us!
If It’s not finished, don’t turn around
Look what we’ve done
We’ve covered some ground
Finding a place
That’s right for me Falling through space… RTZ
Quiet and peaceful
So easy to fail
Look what we’re doing
We’re the head not the tail!
No matter how hard, or long it will be We got it rolling!
When chasing the finish start at the end
There’s no turning back
No curves in the bend
Time has been wasted
But now we can see
Over that hill… RTZ
Finding a place, that’s right for me Falling through space… RTZ

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