Текст песни «Pearl and Her Ladies» — Bang

Текст песни «Pearl and Her Ladies» из альбома 1973 года «Music / The Lost Singles» Bang.

Pearl and Her Ladies

Amazing colossal, fantastic reviews
Pearl and her Ladies were making big news
Since they hit town, with banners and signs
The theater on main street has long waiting lines
Down through the streets, strutting with class
Thirteen musicians led Pearl to her task
To perform for the people their wildest dreams
An erotic adventure with live sexual scenes
A preacher, a rabbi, a priest, and a nun
Banning together, to stop all the fun!
Pearl and her Ladies, with tattoos on their arms
Dressed in there finest, revealing there charms
They met at the corner of Lincoln and Bell
Tension was heavy, in the air was the smell
Of perfume and whiskey where ever you stood
To witness the showdown of evil and good
The rest of the story is hazy and dim
Years gone by since Pearl sold her sin
The last thing I heard, she died of old age
Going out with a BANG
And three men on a stage

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