Текст песни «Family Matters» — A-1

Текст песни «Family Matters» из альбома 2010 года «After School Special» A-1.

Family Matters

We were all that matters, family’s all that matters
This is just business, see you right after
Nothing comes before ya, nothing else matters
All of this is for ya, you are all that matters
I dance around the darkness down on Billie Jean Road
If I ain’t toured then we still’d be broke
Thought I got the formula, bon appetite
I got a beat in case my baby baba ever leak
Wise beyond my years but way behind my peak
You gotta eat, this a step to my princess
Point of interest, fourth and inches
Hallelujah, the kid grew up, the crowd cheered the child
Booya, mic drop, I walk home

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